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Welcome Read CEO Suk-gu Doh's welcome message.
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Onward to becoming
						the Global No.1 Smelter!

Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2016, LS-Nikko Copper is the undisputed leader of the non-ferrous metal industry in Korea. With its contribution to the global economic development through the production of highest-quality copper cathodes, various precious metals and rare metals, the company has grown strong with an annual revenue of 7 trillion won. We would not have made it this far without the boundless trust and support of our customers, government authorities and partners, as well as the hard work of our predecessors and employees who sacrificed their everything day and night on the production floor.

The global economy is now entering a low-growth era faced with declining demand. The negative effects of such low growth are taking a toll on the future of the company, with continued uncertainty and fluctuations in metal prices, exchange rates and interest rates. Nonetheless, we are certain that we will overcome our current challenges and accomplish our vision of becoming the
'Global No. 1 Smelter' as all members of LS-Nikko Copper stand united to achieve innovation in the production process, and maintain our price competitiveness in the global market.

To this end, all members of LS-Nikko Copper are committed to the 'LSpartnership', based on Integrity, care, respect and trust. We will bring out the best of the mutually beneficial partnership through cooperation and support with our customers, business partners, government authorities, investors, and shareholders.

My dream is to see LS-Nikko accomplish its vision, enhance its business value, and contribute toward the building of a better society. Likewise, I promise to do my best to create a great company where all the members can find happiness together.

* Smelter: Metal smelting company
Suk-gu Doh, CEO